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The Sleeve has everything a hockeyer needs! The Sleeve is a unique one piece overgrip made of polymer, finished with a raw surface which ensures maximal grip. The Sleeve is 100% water resistant. You never lose grip with the Ribbon SLEEVE.

We recommend playing with a CORK grip underneath the Sleeve. This brings best of both RIBBON grips together! The vibration reduction of the CORK grip combined with the maximal grip assured by the raw surface of the SLEEVE.


RIBBON was founded in 2021 with the commitment to give athletes more grip on their game and performances. There are plenty of brands making sportgrips, but we wanted to make the best grip for every athlete. Accurately crafted, designed with precision and with attention for every millimeter during the production process. Every RIBBON Sportgrip has a unique feeling and is developed to fit the specific preferences of athletes. RIBBON looks sharp, without sacrificing performance. RIBBON is the brand for athletes who in style with maximal comfort, push their boundaries.

D E S I G N 

Eye-catching design is one thing. High-performance engineering is another. This is the point were the magic of RIBBON comes in: blending sharp esthetics with the best feeling while touching. By bringing together the knowledge of sport scientists, designers and product engineers, the perfect grips have originated. Every one of our grips fits a specific style of play. RIBBON is all about fine-tuning the best grip for your personal game.

M A T E R I A L 

The world’s finest grips require A-Grade materials. That’s why we take a lot of care when it comes to sourcing. Our materials come from manufacturers in Italy (widely regarded as the best in the world). We use E.V.A. foam with incorporated cork flakes and cushiony PVC with tacky rubber surface. We work hard, every day, to deliver a design inspired by versatility, functionality and durability.

T E C H N O L O G Y 

Every shot on target creates a shock in your hands. A thicker and softer grip provides more comfort. The problem is dealing with the spiral application needed to cover the stick: a thicker grip would make the overlapping zones too thick. Then came the invention: to produce a grip with the lessening thickness from the center to the edges. This makes the grip equally thick all over the stick, even on the overlapping zones. All RIBBON grips have a seamless fit with your hockeystick.

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